Limited Edition Hardline – Danger Zone tshirts


I was so happy to finally bring my band Hardline over to Spain and Italy. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the shows, we are bringing a bit of the concert to you! These Limited Edition shirts are from the Hardline Danger Zone 2016 tour, shown here front and back and they are all signed by me- these are the last of the batch, these are all out of print! Available in various sizes…/johnnygioeli/items/174820


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New Solo Album –

Good morning, everyone! It’s Friday so I’d like to start your weekend off with something fun. Today I’m launching a campaign to produce my first career solo album! And this will not just be my album, it will be your album too! I’m doing it through Pledge Music so you can all experience the whole process, live as it happens.

Since I was eight years old, I dreamed of making music and made it my life’s work. I’ve always thrived on the indescribable feeling of “changing someone’s life” through music. Music can do just that! It has changed mine. And I have never taken the gift of making music and connecting with people for granted. Ever. Yet we all know life can sometimes get in the way of having time for creativity in keeping the music alive. I need that time now…so let’s make this music together! You can get involved at any level you want, from ordering the digital download of the album, the signed CD, Skype sessions, all kinds of memorabilia and even a live streamed concert which I’ll be doing from my home! With your pledge, you are helping to raise funds to support the investment I will make to produce my first solo album, and I want to thank you all in advance.

For all the info and to sign up, just go to
On my Pledge Music page, you will find all the info about the solo album and even some video. Each week, we will be posting an update that is exclusive to pledgers. ALL pledges get you a digital download of the album as well as access to the weekly updates. You have the opportunity to sign up for any exclusives that you like.

Thanks everybody….not only for taking part in this album, but for all your years of love, support and friendship. All the best,

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Exclusive Preview: Wolfpakk – A Matter Of Time

Johnny will feature on the new Wolfpakk album “Cry Wolf”, on the second track called “A Matter Of Time”. The album will be released on August 30th, 2013. The Wolfpakk project is an album full of collaborations with all kinds of incredibly talented artists, such as Jeff Scott Soto and Paul Shortino. The project is co-run by Michael Voss, whom is also responsible for Johnny’s presence on the 2007 collaboration album “Voices Of Rock MMVII” with the track “Phoenix Rising”.

A friend of ours over at AFM-Records was kind enough to send us a 1:46 long preview of the upcoming Wolfpakk album, check it out, and make sure to purchase the album when it’s released on August 30th, 2013!

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